Screw In Airless Spray Gun Filters



Screw in airless spray gun filters with a left hand thread commonly used in Titan airless spray guns such as the LX-80 and seen in copies of this gun. This stile filter was also used in the outlet side on some smaller airless sprayers. There are 4 mesh sizes available 30 mesh green, 60 mesh white, 100 mesh yellow and 150 mesh red. These are higher quality filters from the USA using stainless steel filter media instead of the plastic media seen in cheaper filters. These filters are supplied in a pack of 2 of the same type.

14-2171 Titan 500-200-030 Airless Gun Filters Green 2 Pack 30 Mesh
14-2172 Titan 500-200-060 Airless Gun Filters White 2 PackĀ  60 Mesh
14-2173 Titan 500-200-100 Airless Gun Filters Yellow 2 PackĀ  100 Mesh
14-2174 Titan 500-200-150 Airless Gun Filters Red 2 Pack 150 Mesh

Additional information

Filter Mesh Size

30 Mesh Green, 60 Mesh White, 100 Mesh Yellow, 150 Mesh Red